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The Top 5 Reasons To Create A Virtual Summit to Skyrocket Your Business & Brand Online in 2016 (and beyond)

BY Navid Moazzez

Epic Bonus Resource: Download my FREE Virtual Summit Mastery Blueprint PDF. This blueprint has helped me and my students generate 100,000's of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone.

The Quick Backstory…

Before I get into the top 5 reasons why you need to create a virtual summit in your niche if you want to take your business and brand to the next level, let me share a quick story with you.

I’ve interviewed successful entrepreneurs, authors and other world-changers from the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. And it has been very rewarding.

In fact, I launched my entire site, with an interview with no one other than Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

At the time I had no experience in the online world, I barely knew anyone in my field and I had never even done an interview before.

I acted before I was ready, and did it anyway by figuring things out as I go.

I decided that I wanted to learn from the best, and interviewed more and more people and featured them on my site at first, before I even had a podcast in iTunes.

Then in April 2014, I finally launched The Lifestyle Architects Show, and I instantly shot up to the top of new and noteworthy section in my categories and even the entire business and management & marketing section in iTunes.

I built up quite some buzz for the show, and things were going really well in the beginning, and I was able to get bigger and bigger guests on as well.

To this date, I have well over 100 5 star ratings & reviews, and I’ve interviewed amazing people like Robert Greene, Cal Newport, Laura Roeder, Jordan Harbinger, Chris Brogan, Chris Ducker, Todd Herman, Nick Reese to name a a few.

I thought my business would just take off because I had a popular podcast in iTunes.

Unfortunately things aren’t always that easy and straight forward…

Virtual Summit vs. Podcasting

So you may be wondering, what the podcast did for me?

By doing interviews for my podcast I built a relationship with many influencers in my field.

I created a lot of valuable free content, epic guides, blog posts and so on from these interviews.

At the time I had a very small audience of less than 1,000 people on my email list, but I was still doing extremely in-depth interviews, and turning many of them into epic guides (in some cases it took me 25-40 hours to put together one guide).

All this work built up a lot of trust and engagement with my audience.

So I really LOVE podcasting, but even though it was the best relationship builder (and free mentorship) ever I wouldn’t launch a podcast right away if I started from scratch today.


A podcast won’t grow your email list rapidly or create revenue in your business fast. That’s just a fact…

As an example, John Lee Dumas of the top ranked business podcast Entrepreneur On Fire generated $26,143.32 in net profits in the first 365 days in business (according to his public income report). Not too bad, but still not the impressive numbers he has today.

Of course, you look at his numbers now, and say, “Navid, but he makes 6 figures every month, so podcasting must be the perfect way to get started if I want to build a profitable business and brand online”.

I personally know people who have interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs and have an email list of only a few 100 people. That’s not very good and won’t make you a full-time living unless all of them are buyers pretty much…

Let’s just face it and I want to make this very clear to you.

Just because you have a podcast that is ranked in the top of the new and noteworthy section in iTunes doesn’t meant that you have a business, just like a blog is NOT a business at all by itself.

It’s just a platform to market your business and brand.

With a podcast, you can also leverage the experts audience. But most likely they will not share to their most valuable asset which is their email list. If you’re lucky they will post it on Facebook, and send out a few Tweets about it.

That’s about it.

How do I know this?

I’ve interviewed over 40 experts for my podcast, and only on a few occasions did the the guests share the episode with their email list.

And even when they did that, you won’t grow your list a ton. Even when I had a specific content upgrade to go along with the podcast episode, and wrote up and epic blog post or guide, I didn’t get a constant flood of new subscribers to my email list.

So what’s the solution, and more importantly what did I do?

I decided to learn everything I possibly could about putting together a successful virtual summit in my niche.

A virtual summit is like a podcast on steroids. And it works in any market/niche! Click to tweet!

A virtual summit is also an entire business model.

You can still interview the top experts in your field and build authentic, powerful relationships with them.

But not only that, you can grow your email list rapidly and even create a product fast that you can sell and make big profits. See more benefits below! I called my virtual summit, The Branding Summit – The #1 Personal Branding Conference. I interviewed over 80 world leading online entrepreneurs, and put together a pretty epic and unique summit.

I obsessed like a crazy person, and spent 1000's of hours learning what worked well for other successful summits (both in my market and in other fields), and tweaked it so it would work for my summit.

It was not easy, but I made a decision to just go for it 100%, and make it work no matter what.

The rest is history… and I'm currently living the dream, traveling the world while taking my online business and brand to the next level.

If you’re reading this guide, whether your are just starting out online, you have an existing podcast or blog, you should definitely consider creating your own virtual summit in your niche. It can literally be a game-changer for your business, and entire life.

How about some real results what my virtual summit led to?

  • About 200 sales ($20k in profit), quit my job and moved abroad…FREEDOM!!!
  • Added about 3,000 new email subscribers for free (now I have over 5,000 in total)
  • Instant “borrowed” authority
  • Rewarding partnerships with some of the speakers from The Branding Summit
  • Turned fans into super fans and life long customers
  • Generating sales while I sleep and getting more premium consulting client than ever before
  • I made over $40k in total in January 2015 (the month after The Branding Summit ended). I did that through affiliate promotions (heck I was even Ramit Sethi's #1 affiliate for his premium online business training, Zero To Launch), coaching, pre-sales for my Virtual Summit Mastery program. What's interesting to note is that I don't even have the “biggest” email list. It's not about how big your list is, but rather the engagement and level of trust you build with your audience over time.
  • Business Insider with over 55 million unique readers per month recently featured my story. It currently has over 135,000 views and added close to 2,000 people to my email list for free, and many high-end coaching clients. Check it out here.
  • From mid November 2014-mid April 2015, I’ve made over $90k and my business is growing fast … not too bad for someone who almost was broke not too long ago.
Got over 1,000 sign ups in less than 24 hours, and now around 2000 in total from BI alone!
Got over 1,000 sign ups in less than 24 hours, and now around 2000 in total from BI alone!

Still not convinced that a virtual summit is for you?

Below I will share the top 5 reasons why a virtual summit can help you dominate your niche, even if you’re just starting out online.

And if you’re a podcaster already, this is a golden opportunity for you, because you already have some of the skills needed to create a successful virtual summit.

The Top 5 Reasons To Create A Virtual Summit In Your Niche

1. Become The Go-to Expert & Authority In Your Field

(Skyrocket your business & brand over night)

  • Instantly position yourself as an expert in your field by branding yourself by
    association (“Borrowed” Authority)… even if you're just starting out from
    scratch with no experience.
  • Grow an engaged audience rapidly for your brand by providing them EPICCONTENT that you don't have to create yourself (hint: you just have to interview or feature other experts in your field on your summit)
  • Get your business & brand out there in a BIG WAY and create fame online by leveraging the credibility & visibility of others.
  • This proven virtual summit strategy works in any niche!

2. Rapid Targeted List Building For Accelerated Hypergrowth

(Get 1000's of opt-ins in a short amount of time!)

  • Get anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000+ targeted leads rapidly (you'll even be
    surprised how fast you can grow your list by hosting a virtual summit…)
  • Get in front of already existing audiences by having your speakers promote your summit so you can get 100's of opt-ins per day (accelerated hypergrowth), rather than getting the odd 1-10 email subscribers per day.
  • What would your business and life look like with an extra 1,000, 3,000 or even 10,000 people on your email list?
  • Keep in mind that even a 1,000 person email list can lead to a 100,000 dollars/year business depending on what market you're in.

3. Build A Passionate Tribe Of Raving Fans & Paying Customers

(even if you're just starting out and have very small audience now)

  • Your virtual summit will help you build a very passionate tribe and
    community of raving fans & paying customers rapidly.
  • By hosting an awesome virtual summit and delivering epic content to your
  • “new” audience consistently, you build trust much faster than with just a blog or regular podcast, which means that you can shorten the sales cycle a lot.

4. Build Long-Term Relationships With Big Influencers In Your Field

(even if you know no one in your field yet…)

  • By interviewing and featuring influencers on your summit you do not only
    build your brand by association, but you'll also meet more successful, likeminded
    people that will have a very positive effect on your business and
    brand for many years to come.
  • By leveraging the amazing relationships you build with your speakers and forming partnerships, you'll be able to reap the benefits and make even more profits long after your virtual summit is over (webinars, joint venture, affiliates etc.)

5. Create A Product Super Fast & Profit From Your Virtual Summit

(Pre-sell your summit before it's even LIVE + make sales during
and after too!)

  • Make 4 to 5-Figures from your virtual summit or even more…
  • See profits coming in before your summit starts, during your summit, and even after it's over (this was a big AHA moment for me… feels amazing!)
  • Grow your email list and make money from your virtual summit at the same time even if you never sold anything online or created a product/summit before in your life (The Branding Summit was the first virtual summit I created and it was a HUGE success)

So how can a Virtual Summit help you take your business & brand to the next level? Great question…

  • Build your authority and credibility in your niche?
  • Grow your passionate audience and grow your email list rapidly?
  • Turned fans into super fans and life long customers?
  • Create rewarding partnerships that will lead to big profits in your business?
  • Create a product super fast without even creating your “own content” that people would love to pay you for?
  • Get booked solid with your ideal clients who pay you premium?
  • Make money while you sleep and achieve more freedom in business and
  • Build a business around a topic you’re passionate about and turn it into

A Virtual Summit can definitely help!

I hope you enjoyed the Top 5 reasons why you need to create a Virtual Summit to skyrocket your business and brand online in 2015 (and beyond).

Epic Bonus Resource: Download my FREE Virtual Summit Mastery Blueprint PDF. This blueprint has helped me and my students generate 100,000's of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone.

If you want even more information about how to create, promote & profit from a virtual summit, email me at navid (at) navidmoazzez (dot) com and I’ll tell you more about the Virtual Summit Mastery pilot program and how you can get in today.

Until next time… stay inspired!

– Navid “Virtual Summits Rocks” Moazzez

Author: Navid Moazzez
The Huffington Post says Navid Moazzez is the world's leading expert on producing profitable virtual summits. His students have generated 100,000's of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone. Navid's mission is to show you what is REALLY working to start and grow your profitable online business, wherever you’re starting.
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