Meet Chandler

The 5-time bestselling author who grew his email list by over 200% and built a multi-million dollar online business.



Chandler Bolt had an email list of about 12,000 subscribers he got mostly from his kindle books, and one major launch of his flagship course, Self-Publising School. He wanted to take things to the next level by hosting a virtual summit in his niche.


Chandler wanted to skyrocket his business and brand rapidly, and he knew that a summit could help him do that. Virtual Summit Mastery helped him grow his email list faster than he ever could imagine, and more people bought his flagship program because of it.


In less than 2 months, Chandler earned over $370k and almost 30,000 email subscribers from the summit. Now he has built a multi-million dollar online business with over 100,000 highly engaged email subscribers.

“Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery system helped me earn $370k+ in revenue and get almost 30,000 subscribers in less than 2 months…” – Chandler Bolt

This 22 Year Old Guy Wanted to Skyrocket His Business

Chandler Bolt is a 22 year old guy from San Diego and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know. He has written five bestselling books, ran $320,000 in businesses by age 20 and now runs Self Publishing School where he teaches his students how to write and market a best selling book and then profit from it for years to come. Basically, Chandler is a super star.

But like many of the entrepreneurs in my network, Chandler had a problem: the more successful he became, the less time he had to focus on growing his business.

A few months back we met up at a social media expo in San Diego and I told him about my Virtual Summit Mastery system. He knew a summit could help skyrocket his business, but didn’t think he had the bandwidth to take it on.

“I’ve been interviewed for a couple of virtual summits so I kind of witnessed first-hand their power. They would interview me and then later ask me to promote it and I did. I felt really good about it too because it made me look good, and it was a value add to my people, and I made commission on the back end. Navid kept telling me about it. And I was like, man I’m really interested, but I just felt that I didn’t have enough time.”

So we came up with a solution: Chandler “dipped his toes” in by completing my virtual summit cheat-sheet.

“It was uncomfortable at first, like I felt I didn’t have all the answers. But by the time you get to the end it will be like okay, this actually seems really manageable, like something I could do.”

Now he was ready to go all in.

Summit Report: 30,000 Email Subscribers and $370,000+

Before starting his summit. Chandler’s email list was about 12,000 people and in the first six months of 2015 his business had done $300,000 in revenue. He had a few goals for his summit, but the biggest thing was building an engaged list and promoting Self Publishing School.

“I saw the crazy engagement of Navid’s list. Like he went from nobody knew his name, just chilling in an apartment in Sweden, to a decent sized list and meeting a ton of people and winning several affiliate contests. So I saw that and I knew that not only would this be a great list builder, but it would also be a super engaged audience.”

On the face of it, a summit looks pretty simple — just interview some guests, post it on a website and collect email addresses. There are even blog articles like “the 4 simple steps to hosting a virtual summit”. But the truth is that if you do minimal work on this you will get minimal results, and if you do great work you can get MASSIVE results.

Here’s an example of what separates the two.

“We followed Navid’s proven VSM method. One of the things was a promotional strategy we used, and we made it REALLY easy for our partners to share the summit. In Navid’s system you create individual speaker images for every speaker and give them pre-written emails they can just swipe and update and send to their lists. They loved that! It got us lots of shares, emails, and it created reciprocity, like Chandler created this for me, I’ve got to at least share it on Facebook and Twitter. It was extra time and work but that helped a ton!

And by the end of my Virtual Summit Mastery system, the results exceeded Chandler’s expectations…

“Our goal was 10,000 leads and people told us we were crazy. I didn’t know if we could hit it, but we were going for it and we ended up getting close to 30,000 (after opt-outs) which blew our minds.”

But it wasn’t just email optins, the summit was a major financial win for his business.

“We had 1,123 All-Access Pass buyers for the summit, at $97 each or $197 for VIP. So that was great, and I did a closing keynote which was a pitch for Self Publishing School and we did over $160,000 in four days. Plus about $20,000 that came in throughout the summit because people had already found it, and we are going to do a relaunch to the summit list in a month or so and we project that will pull at least another $50,000.”

As you can see from the screeshot from the membership portal below, they continue to get sales for the Self-Publishing Success Summit All Access Pass…

Basically, the virtual summit was a rocket ship for Chandler’s business. Not only did his email list increase by 200%, but in the first six months of 2015 his business had done $300,000, and then in July he doubled this.

“It was our biggest month ever, and we pulled in about $300,000 (and much more since then). And now the business is on such a steep upswing! My goal for this entire year was to hit $1 million and now we are going to hit it by the end of September.” (update: Chandler generated $1.5 million in 2015, and they’re seeing massive growth in 2016… in fact, they have over 100,000 email subscribers on their list alone now which is pretty incredible in such a short time period!)

Chandler’s Tips to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Many People Make

Chandler and his team did great work and got great results, and if you put in the work you can get massive results too. I asked Chandler to share a tip you can use for your own summit.

“Don’t go broad and try to please everyone. For ours, not only was it writing a book, but it was self publishing. The biggest mistake I see people make on a summit is going too general. We had better results because we were super specific. We wanted to speak directly to people interested in our message, and it paid off huge.”

Thinking about joining my Virtual Summit Mastery program?

Chandler had a recommendation…

“I believe you need to invest in yourself. For me, if I’m going to do something I want to learn from somebody who is really good at it so I can do it the best I can — not just fumble around doing it by myself. Navid is THE expert when it comes to summits, and his system makes it really easy to follow through. Even if you are a total beginner, you can do everything yourself. If you are more advanced you can work with designers and affiliate managers and all that stuff. If you get a few thousand subscribers, or close to 30,000 like I did then it’s worth the time!”


Chandler worked with me and got massive results from his summit. Almost 30,000 email subscribers and $370,000+, and much more afterwards as you can see from this case study… the summit was just the very beginning.

Want to run your own successful summit so you can take your business and brand to the next level?

Do what Chandler did, and implement my proven Virtual Summit Mastery method.


Join the wait list now to know when Virtual Summit Mastery reopens (and get my epic VSM Blueprint PDF for free).


Meet Chandler

The 5-time bestselling author who grew his email list by 200% & built a multi-million dollar online business. His first summit went so well, he did it again!

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