Meet Augustas

The non-native English speaker who went from no business, no contacts, no expertise & no list to 1,500 subscribers and $15K in revenue!



Augustas Kligys was tired of exchanging “time for dollars” as a freelance web designer. His challenges: No experience in online business, email list, or influencer relationships. Oh, and he’s a Germany-based non-native English speaker. But none of that held him back!


Augustas did extensive research before deciding to invest in Virtual Summit Mastery, and then went all in! He was committed to using the VSM Method to establish his new business and create an eamil list to draw upon. 


Augustas added 1550 email subscribers, generated $15,000 in revenue (over $9,000 in profit). He was able to attract 26 speakers, including several industry “big names,” and he still regularly connects with many of them. 

“Moving forward into my new business, it feels like I will finally have a chance to spend time with my family and while I am doing that, part of my business will be running on autopilot.” – Augustas Kligys

Who are you and what’s your business (after VSM)?

Amazon product reviewer who grew his list from 0 to 1550 subscribers and almost $15’000 in revenue by conducting a summit targeted for Amazon sellers.

What were you struggling with the most before you joined Navid’s VSM? What did your business and life look like?

Augustas has been a freelance web-developer for the last 10+ years. Since it is a location-independent activity, together with his wife he travelled a lot around the world. In 2011 they have decided to come back to Europe and they have settled down in Germany. Augustas continued his work as a web-developer, but being paid per hour was hard to scale the business and to increase the family income.

Why did you want to host a summit and why was it the best way for you?

At the beginning of 2016 in someone’s webinar (Ka Sundance form Germany) I’ve heard several virtual summits case studies and I got interested in exploring this model of business. In the next 2 months I did a lot of research about the summits and this is how I found Navid and his VSM. The presentation of this program looked like the most clear and complete.

First I wanted to deliver value to the masses of people, but at that time I still did not have an idea what topic I will choose. However, I told myself “no matter what, I will do the virtual summit!” I just wanted to see by myself what it means. It sounded very interesting, because I love video content and I love communicating with others over the internet.

Why did you join VSM (and not other courses)? What was your thought when you first found out about VSM? Did you do any research before you purchased?

Well, to tell the truth, I did extensive search, and Navid’s course as the only one which looked serious and up to date. I did see 2 or 3 other virtual summit programms, but they all looked like were prepared 5 years ago. And since I am a web developer, I love well made modern websites – Navid’s VSM presentation was the only program, which got my attention.

Besides that I think I’ve also got impression that Navid gives tons of valuable content about the summits for free. That made me trust Navid’s program even stronger.

What are some specific strategies, tactics or pieces of advice you learned in VSM that helped you create a successful (and profitable) virtual summit?

Creating a virtual summit is not an easy journey. It involves a lot of different aspects to consider: relationship with people, copywriting, tech part (video recording and editing, website setup, different services integration with each other) and others. It is impossible to over all these by yourself. And that’s where the VSM program helps. Not only there are lots of samples of email copies, step by step guides how to approach potential speakers, prepare interview recordings, but the biggest value of the program is the community of hundreds of other students and entrepreneurs from various niches, whom you can always ask your burning questions and often get several answers within hours.

One of the strongest VSM impact for me was that I felt accountable to work on my summit. I naturally wanted to proceed equally together with others. It is like a journey with good friends: we solve each others obstacles on similar paths.

What specific results (email subscribers, revenue from all access pass, upsells, affiliate promos etc.) did you get by implementing what you learned in VSM? The more specific you can be here the better!

I followed the instructions given by VSM to approach speakers, prepare the website, and finally launch the summit. To be honest I probably implemented 80% of what I have learned in VSM and being nobody and unknown in my niche I managed to finish my summit having 1550 subscribers, making almost $15’000 in revenue (over $9000 in profit), managing to attract 26 speakers for my summit, and few bigger names in the industry.

Why only 80%? Well, the building early relationship with the potential speakers was the hardest part for me. I understood that it is a long-term game, and I did not have time for that. However, I will improve that for my summits in the future. Another challange I had was proper coordination of communicating with my speakers and affiliates. For the next projects I plan to hire a VA, who will be helping me to do better follow up with speakers and do more personal communication with the affiliates during the launch of the summit.

That being said, I am convinced, that if I would implement the rest 20% according to VSM’s formula – my results will be at least 80% bigger than before.

One additional note, I had zero understanding how online marketing works. This is where VSM course and its community helped me a lot. The program modules are recorded by Navid, who has been a successful online marketer for few years, and besides that the VSM community has many online marketing experts, who have lots of experience and are willing to add their professional opinion.

From start to finish, how long did it take you to put it together? And was it worth the time you spent?

It took me almost 5 months from implementing the 1st steps of VSM program and finishing my first successful Summit. It is relatively a long project, therefore it is easy to give up during the process. That’s where I felt the support and inspiration to move on from other felllow VSM students. It was the biggest ever and probably the most interesting project I have made in my life and I am really proud of it. However, now since I have some experience, I see many things where I could improve for my next summits.

What was the cost of putting together your summit?

Around $1300.

Web camera + microphone ~$130

Website related costs (plugins, services, web-hosting) ~$500

Advertising and marketing related ~$400

Designer ~$250

Did you face any big challenges in your journey to create, promote and launch your summit?

Yes. It took me a lot of extra time from my usual daily routine, but I looked at it as an investment to my and my family’s future. Besides that, there were a lot of challenges, which were out of my comfort zone: interviewing people I don’t know, going over my complex that my English accent is not good enough for the summit (I am from Lithuania, Eastern Europe), entering a new niche and my name becoming known among thousands of people within few months.

I happy to say that already after my first 3-4 interviews I was feeling super confident and finally relaxed. I broke the ice very quickly.

Another challenge for me was that I entered a niche where I was a total newby. The content of my summit targeted Amazon product sellers, and I have never sold anything on Amazon myself. This made me to miss some deeper questions during the interviews, but talking to more than 20 experts I learned a lot without even becoming a seller myself. From what I learned during the creation of my summit, I am now able to give some advices for existing Amazon sellers as well.

How did VSM and the community help you overcome them?

It was the gold of the whole VSM program. I will be honest, without VSM community I had 98% chance to not even start the summit. I would have created a lot of fears and reasons why I am not ready to launch a summit yet. However, VSM ommunity made me understand that I don’t need to be perfect in order to go for my dreams and business goals.

How did you feel when you made your first sale from the summit?

I planned my summit promotion 2 weeks before the official start. However, one of the speakers decided to share the link in his Facebook group 1 week earlier than agreed. The first day I’ve got my first 100+ subscribers, which brought me the first sale. That evening I was on a mastermind video call with other fellow VSM students and while we were chatting about our summits I suddenly noticed “New Order” notification in my email. I had to interrupt everybody and we all shared the joy. I was the first from our small mastermind group to launch a summit, so we all felt super excited. All of this is actually recorded on a video and it is an amazing visual memory I have for my personal business archive ?

By the next morning I had another 2 sales made. I then started to feel that the reward for my hard 5 months work is finally coming…

How has hosting this virtual summit changed your business and life?

I am still on the bridge to let go my old non-scalable web developer’s business and grow my online marketing skills in the niche I have chosen for my summit. I felt lots of support from different speakers, I chat with some of them regularly, and I am also being approached by other related business owners to cooperate for future webinars and projects. I am still feeling new to the niche, but I feel pumped to learn more and grow this part of the business, as it feels having no limits, i.e. more scalable than my older activities.

It motivates and inspire me even more, when I see that by emailing 1 message to my 1500+ list, I could generate additional $600 dollars by promoting another summit in the industry as an affiliate. I know feel the power and importance of having an email list, which I would have hardly had, if I would not have created the summit.

Were there any surprises that resulted from hosting your virtual summit that you didn’t expect at first?

Yes. All the process to create the 1st virtual summit takes much longer than you evaluate first. Just email communication and arranging all the pre-interview and interview calls with 20+ speakers takes much more time than I thought. In average I probably exchanged about 3-4 emails with each of my speaker. That means lots of messages sent, where you need to have focused concentration on tracking who got what information and what I promised to whom. Of course, additional Spreadsheets and notes helped to track the communication, but the lesson learned here is that – do not do everything alone. Outsource the jobs you can to others!

Creating a website, planning the promotion, talking to affiliates and editing video interviews – all these might sounds manageable tasks until you start actually start working on them. Do not do everything alone. Hire your team! This will deliver higher valued summit, therefore more sales, and you should be able to cover the costs from the profit of your summit.

What are you most excited about for your business moving forward?

Even I’ve been a location independent entrepreneur for the last 15 year, I did not feel totally free. Moving forward into my new business, feels like I will finally have a chance to spend with my family and while I am doing that, part of my business will be running on autopilot. That will also bring me more time to think of new ideas, online business improvements and growth. Lots of work ahead, but it will be definitely more exciting than what I have been doing in the last 10 years or so.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Different VSM students experienced different results with their summits. I agree that it depends a lot on the niche. Some of them have 1% and some 20%+ sales conversion rate. However, I did notice that if someone was trying to re-invent a wheel and not following the VSM formula – they were coming back to the VSM community asking for advices. I always asked myself – why didn’t they follow Navid’s manual? Why didn’t they copy and modelled other successful summit?

Some summits had very badly made websites, some not good enough speakers, others – too broad topic, which did not make clear to whom the summit was targeted. I think it is important to implement the maximum from what you learn in VSM. And sure, I do leave some room for possibility that it might be still hard to find the best tune for your 1st summit. However, there is always a chance for the 2nd one. Even my 1st summit was a success, I already see many areas where I will be improving for my next similar project.

As an active member of the Virtual Summit Mastery program and community, what would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining VSM?

I think VSM program is a unique one which strongly connects professionals from hundreds of different topics. That means you will often get a feedback not only from other online marketers, but also doctors, health advocates, personal coaches and many more. That means, you will never be able to stay inside your own box. There will be always who will provoke out of the box thoughts inside you.

What’s the BEST part of VSM in your opinion and why?

The VSM community of hundreds entrepreneurs and business owners from hundreds of niches. WHY: please take a look at the answer to the earlier question “How did VSM and the community help you overcome them?”

Augustas’s Advice:

• “I think it is important to implement the maximum from what you learn in VSM.” Don’t “reinvent the wheel.”
• Outsource the jobs you can to others!
• Use the VSM community. “They made me understand that I don’t need to be perfect in order to go for my dreams and business goals.”


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