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We helped this this professional Harpist host a profitable virtual summit that generated 2,100 subscribers and 460 sales in just a few weeks.

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NAVID MOAZZEZ Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Creator of Virtual Summit Mastery

We let our students’ results show you that our products actually work. Our students have generated 100,000’s of email subscribers, millions of dollars in sales and achieved the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. Are you our next success story?


Meet Chandler

The 5-time bestselling author who grew his email list by 200% & built a multi-million dollar online business. His first summit went so well, he did it again!

Meet Steph

The weightlifting coach who grew her email list by 19,560 subscribers and generated 100’s of sales with the Women’s Strength Summit.

Meet Brian

The insurance guy who started from scratch and grew his email list by 3,500 subscribers, got 465 all access pass sales and a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Meet Augustas

A non-native English speaker who went from no business, no contacts, no expertise & no list to over 1,500 subscribers and $15K in revenue!

Meet Diana

The musician in a “non-traditional” market with a tiny list who added 2,100 subscribers and generated $40K+ with her first Virtual Harp Summit.

Meet James

The guitarist and music marketing expert who fell in love with the summit model and created a very niched summit with 10,000 attendees (and 700+ sales).

Meet Marie 

A podcaster who added 4,222 subscribers, generated $66K in sales & affiliate commissions… and is planning summits #2, #3, AND #4!

Meet Eric

The podcaster who worked with a well-known partner to add 3000 subscribers and bring in $20K+ in sales (+ another 5 figures in affiliate commissions!).

Meet Cody

The content marketing expert who added 10,000+ email subscribers and over $56,000 of revenue by implementing the tactics taught in VSM.

Meet Shade

The personal brand strategist who tripled her email list and produced a multiple five-figure launch for her new course, “Branding Academy.”

Meet Liam

The guy who liked summits so much, he created FIVE… and added 50,000+ subscribers and generated multiple 6-figures in sales.

Meet Penelope

The foster parent/blogger with a small list and no internet marketing experience, who nearly doubled her list and generated more $5K in sales.

Meet Aaqib

He used his first summit as a lead magnet and did six figures in affiliate sales in just nine days, with no list, no product, and no experience! 

Meet Mitch

The fasting expert with no online presence who created THREE summits & has generated 9,000 opt-ins and $20,000+ in revenue. 

Meet Lain

The busy mom and copywriter who grew her email list by over 600 people in less than 2 months in a completely new niche. 

Meet Devin 

The launch expert who used a summit to alsmot 10X his email list, and generated $45K in total sales (including launching a new course!) in just a few weeks. 

Meet Jon

The Webinar Mastery partners who filled their group coaching program, grew their email list by 2,854, and generated $26,000 in all-access pass sales.

Meet Claire

The author and speaker who generated over 13,000  summit opt-ins from her “Work by Design” summit – which she ran from Argentina!

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Tom & Josh

The Authority Super Summit guys who broke the Guinness World Record with their summit — and built an entirely new audience and brand.

Meet Jessica

The college admissions coach who doubled her email subscribers to 1461 subscribers and brought in over $5000 in sales. 

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Imran

The newcomer went from no audience to 1,500 subscribers and $15,000 in revenue from his first summit with only a handful of speakers. 

Meet Charlyn

The app developer who grew her email list by 15x, became an influencer in her field, and released a #1 bestselling book on her summit topic. 

Meet Ciprian

The Transylvanian who almost 10X’ed his email list and brought in around $10K in sales – despite starting with an email list that was 99% Romanian!

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Jan

The WordPress guy from Germany who grew his email list by 600% and became the go-to expect in his field with his very first summit.  

Meet Aj

The Twitter Rockstar who knew nothing about summits but still grew his email list by 2,400 and earned $16,000 in 2 weeks. 

Meet Katja

The German author and writing coach who doubled her email list, tripled the pre-launch list for her next group program, and jumpstarted her business.  

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Sonia

The entrepreneur who finally made her first digital sale, and got her summit endorsed by no one other than Seth Godin.

Meet Dean & Steve

The Notaries who brought their service business online, added almost 1500 email subscribers, and generated $1000s in all-access pass sales. 

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Alexa

The copywriter/VA who went from 0 to 1200+ subscribers & got massive business growth due to the credibility & exposure from her summit. 

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Jesse

The boutique book publisher who grew a targeted email list of 7,000+ people in order to build a database of “done for you” clients. 

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

Meet Sharon

The Singapore-based offliine event producer who expanded her business’s reach through an online summit (10,000+ optins) – one of the first in Asia!

Meet Alejandro 

The guy who went from no list to 3,000+ subscribers with his Social Media Church Summit — and generated over $10K in revenue. 

Meet Lisa


Meet Myke


Meet Missy


Meet ???



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