Ryan Levesque On How To Generate 100 New Email Subscribers Per Day Using This Slightly-Unusual “Quiz” Technique

Last Updated: May. 31, 2019

About This Masterclass With Ryan Levesque:

In this expert masterclass session (originally featured on Navid Moazzez's List Building School Virtual Summit 1.0), Ryan Levesque breaks down exactly how to generate 100 new email subscribers per day using this slightly-unusual “Quiz” Technique (including specific examples how Ryan and his clients are using the ASK Method in their businesses) + massive Q&A.

In This Masterclass Session With Ryan Levesque, You'll Discover:

  • 3 Survey Killer mistakes people make with surveys (17:23)
  • What to pay attention to in your survey data (49:55)
  • How to get started today with the 5 step process you can use yourself (1:18:11)
  • Why does this ASK Method work so well (1:20:31)
  • What software to use to create your surveys or quizzes and examples (1:24:46)
  • Q&A Session with Ryan Levesque (1:38:20)

Key Takeaways From Ryan Levesque's List Building School Masterclass Session:

Ryan Levesque is the go-to authority on using surveys and quizzes with the ASK Method.

  • Ryan has  generated 100,000 email subscribers a day in 23 markers with surveys and quizzes.
  • He has a bestselling author of a book called ASK that was ranked #1 marketing book in 2015. He recently came out with his new book Choose
  • Ryan just added 60,000 subscribers and did $3.3 Million for his ASK Method Masterclass online course launch.

Less than 8% of business owners have surveyed their website visitors who did not purchase from them.

  • This is a huge opportunity to learn from.

Biggest lessons learned from using surveys.

  • Buzzfeed, a huge traffic website uses quizzes to build traffic.
  • Buzzfeed article titles with most shares have phrase “character are you” with a quiz.

3 mistakes people make with surveys (Survey Killers): (17:23)

1. Using the word survey

  • People hate taking surveys, ask for their advice instead.

2a. Asking the wrong questions:

  • People can accurately answer question on past behavior and what you don’t want.
  • Example: When it comes to X, what’s your single biggest challenge? 

2b. Asking too much too soon: ask a micro-commitment step so it is easy for people to do:

  • Ask a multiple choice question first before email opt-in form.
  • Example: Which of the following best describes your business?
  • This actually increases conversions and gives you a segmented email list.

3. Focusing on the wrong data:

  • Example: When it come to growing Orchids the biggest issue reply was water.
  • Ryan made product on how to water and it didn’t sell because wasn’t real pain.
  • He looked back at data and found a few replies pleading for help on repotting.
  • Depth of response is more important than frequency to find the real pain.

What to pay attention to in your survey data (49:55)

Language Patterns:

  • identify your most passionate replies and the words those people use to talk about their problem to find the real pain and ignore the rest of the replies.

Buckets: Identify the segments as options for your 1st multiple choice question:

  • Future of marketing because our brains think in terms of buckets to group things.
  • People want to know 2 things either what bucket do I fall into? 
  • Or I know my bucket, what does that mean I should do?
  • Example: Ryan did this with his launch and customized 3 areas.
  • 1st video and email based on bucket option they selected from the 1st question.
  • They also segmented what case study the person got by the bucket they were in. 
  • Customized what the bonus was based on the bucket segment you are in.

Ryan highly recommends the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and learned every market has profit pools:

  • People focus on 100% of the market instead of the 3%-7% segments where the profits are.

How to get started today with the 5 step process you can use yourself (1:18:11)

  • See Action Steps below.

Why does this Ask method work so well (1:20:31)

  • Because of the power of self discovery.
  • Your market cares more about themselves and everyone’s favorite subject is themselves which is why surveys done right with Ask method work. 
  • Asking with surveys personalizes it about them and what bucket are they and what should they do when they know the bucket they are in.

What software to use to create your surveys or quizzes and Examples (1:24:46)

  • Simple to start with Google Forms and Google Sheets.
  • Ryan uses his own software he made called Bucket.io to discover the buckets your audience have and then be able to segment people in those buckets. 
  • Example: What’s your weight loss type quiz.
  • Example: Why your baby not sleeping survey with age of child as first question.
  • Example: Quiz for Tennis and Golf to identify how to help your swings.
  • Student of Ryan has increased his Business 3x by using Ryan’s ask method survey.
  • Ryan used ads for 8 years to his Orchid website and it has been growing that business consistently with the same survey. He figured out pain and set survey and forget it.
  • You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.
  • Most important thing is to start.
  • Circle 1 thing from this training that you will take action on.

Q&A Session From Ryan Levesque's Masterclass: (1:38:20)

Q: What is the best way to do this ask method and what tool to use?

Answer: You can use the software Ryan uses called Bucket.io to create the buckets for your audience and micro commitment survey to segment people into those buckets. 

You can also use other tools like Google Forms, Survey Monkey or Survey Slam

Q: What do survey do I do first to get buckets and segment people?

Answer: You do a deep dive survey first to identify the buckets with your website visitors and email list. That is the 5 step plan. Then you use the deep dive survey data to identify the 3-5 buckets that will be the options of your one-question survey. This is the micro-commitment survey you put on your site or landing page which asks the one question before your opt-in form.

A software like Bucket.io or Survey Slam will push the answers you get into your email service provider that you use like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.

Q: How do the answer data get added into your email provider?

Answer: Depends on the provider, but it will be either as a tag or a custom field so that segment of your list is added to your email service provider.

Q: Do you use this 1st question survey instead of a lead magnet?

Answer: Even if you only have 1 thing that people see after they opt-in it is valuable to start asking what bucket people fall into. Even if you don’t use it today, you can gather the data now. This survey is what you put in front of your lead magnet with the micro-commitment single most important question before the opt-in form you capture to deliver the lead magnet PDF file.

This is important, you should look to use this survey (1st question) before the opt-in of your lead magnet. You can also have it on the thank you page after they opt-in. Just get started with having something now and you can tweak it later or use the data from the survey later.

Example: Get a copy of my free ebook (whatever your lead magnet is) click here below.

Step 1. Which of the following best describes your situation?

This will help me customize the information that I send you over the coming day. Option A,B,C,D

Step 2. Where would you like me to send you a copy of the ebook (your best email)

Q: Can I use micro-commitment survey data to create an ebook, etc.?

Answer: Totally. It is important you use the micro-commitment survey before they opt-in to get your ebook. This way you have them segmented on what bucket they fit into and you can offer different versions of your ebook to each bucket segment.

In some markets you may need to ask more than 1 question to get them into a bucket. The easiest thing to get started is just have the 1st question be the single most important question.

Q: Where do you use the survey on your site, to your email list or somewhere else?

Answer: There are 3 ways you use the survey. The fastest and easiest way is if you have existing email list or audience like a facebook group then send the link to your list/ audience.

The second way is partner with someone who has a list either by offering money or offer to share the results with them and do the survey work for them. You can even look to work with companies that will rent their list for you to survey.

The third way is to drive traffic to your site and put the deep dive survey on the thank you page after they opt-in to your lead magnet.

Q: What do I have a small list or not at all?

Answer: Start with your list and then look to partner with a friend or JV to use their list to survey. You could also look to use ads to drive traffic to your survey.

Q: What is the engagement from doing the ASK Method with your launch?

Answer: If no one is doing this in your space, there is a huge advantage. If there
are others in your space doing this you will get left behind. For our own launch we segmented people and a month later we promoted Stu McLaren's TRIBE course.

We had a custom promotion for each bucket segment so they all got different message emails and bonuses. We were the #1 promotional partner for the TRIBE course because we had a segmented list and we could speak to each segment for what fits them.

The key is this segmentation is not just for your launch it is how you can communicate with your list going forward.

Q: What if the lead magnet is a quiz how would you implement the first question and deep dive survey?

Answer: You run a deep dive survey to identify the buckets people would fit in.

Example: The weight loss type quiz. There is different types and we use a 10 question quiz to figure out what your type is and which bucket you fall into. This can’t be done with just 1 question survey.

Action Steps From Ryan Levesque's Masterclass Session
  1. Send email, Can I ask for your advice? and in the email have a link to a survey.
  2. Start with micro-commitment “softball” question that is easy for them to answer.
  3. Ask the single most important question: “When it comes X (your niche topic), what is your single biggest challenge or frustration at the moment?”
  4. Focus on your “Hyper-Responsive” answers/replies that are pleading for help. The top 20% most passionate and longest answers, ignore the rest.
  5. Identify your 3-5 buckets, tailor your messaging and offers to each of these buckets.

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