Mariah Coz On How To Build a Pre-Launch Email List of Eager Customers For Your Online Course

Last Updated: May. 31, 2019

About This Masterclass With Mariah Coz:

In this expert masterclass session (originally featured on Navid Moazzez's List Building School Virtual Summit 1.0), Mariah Coz shows you her step-by-step process to create a highly engaged pre-launch email list, lead magnet and landing page for your online course + massive Q&A.

In This Masterclass Session With Mariah Coz, You'll Discover:

  • Simple ways to grow your pre-launch email list you can do today (6:27)
  • How many subscribers do you need to have a successful course launch (7:32)
  • What to set up on your site to build your list (12:47)
  • What page to create and and where to put them (17:33), (23:00)
  • How to get traffic to your site and that works including the steps to do (30:58)
  • Q&A Sessions with Mariah Coz (42:50)

Key Takeaways From Mariah Coz's List Building School Expert Masterclass Session:

How to build a VIP email list to pre-launch your course

  • This list is where 99% of your sales will come from.
  • This is about building a targeted list of the right audience not just building an email list.
  • Her first course was about living in a vintage camper and it has made six figures and continues to bring in sales.
  • She created Launch your Signature Course and has helped more than 600 people launch their own five figure course. 
  • And huge part is building that correct email list to pre launch your online course.

Simple ways to grow your pre-launch email list using strategies you can do today (6:27)

  1. Type of lead magnet provent to convert and how you can create your own in 10
  2. How to create a landing page for that lead magnet and set it up for success with tools.
  3. How to create a welcome gate for your site to turning new visitors into subscribers.
  4. How to upgrade your blog or website for maximum subscribers.
  5. How to get traffic to your site once it is optimized for getting subscribers.

How many subscribers do you need to have a successful course launch (7:32)

  • 2% of your email list will become customers on average.
  • 500-1,000 is ideal for your first online course launch but you can have success with less.
  • 500 subscribers = 15 sales. 
  • Price x # of subscribers x conversions = revenue
  • Example: $500 x 500 x 3% = $7,500 
  • Example: $997 x 10,000 x 2% = $199,400 (200 sales)
  • Mariah started with in person teaching workshops, classes and didn’t grow until building her email and doing online courses.

Step #1: Creating your Launch related Lead magnet (12:47)

  • Make sure your lead magnet incentive is directly related to your online course.
  • Secret is simpler your lead magnet the better, 1-2 pages at most.
  • Example: Checklist or roadmap with steps that leads to your course. 
  • Example: Tools and resources guide from your course is easiest and highest converting lead magnet you can make. 
  • People want to see what tools you’re using because they want to achieve the same results and see a behind scenes look at what you are using in your business.
  • Create a simple PDF of 5-10 tools and resources that you use. 
  • You can create this in Pages, Canva or any app to create document/PDF. 
  • This can be books, software, equipment, supplies, actual tools, websites, podcasts. Just think about your industry. 
  • Your lead magnet should be short and sweet that you can create quickly.

Step #2: Create a landing page for visitors to find and get your lead magnet (17:33)

  • Look to make this a new domain URL for your landing page to brand your course.
  • Landing page is a dedicated page that is focused on 1 choice, opt in to get lead magnet.
  • Landing page includes course title, short description and button to opt in form.
  • You just need a hook, headline and call to action on your landing page
  • Call to action is your button and button text should reinforce what benefit they get.
  • Example: Get Healthy with our 7 day meal plan or Get checklist for free. 
  • An image of you looking towards the call to action button will convert better.
  • Mariah uses SquareSpace to make these landing page, Thrive Architect, ClickFunnels and LeadPages are other option (I personally prefer Thrive Architect or ClickFunnels). 

Step #3: Create your Welcome Mat (23:00)

  • Your home page is a welcome mat landing page with your opt in that looks like your course page but main difference it has a 2nd button option to your blog page.
  • This increases conversions to your list because this page gets the most traffic.
  • Use same look of your course landing page as your welcome mat on your home page. 
  • Once you do these 3 steps, your site is ready to convert visitors to pre-launch list
  • Make sure to do these 3 steps first and set up your site before you go after traffic.

Step#4: Upgrade your blog and website (26:33)

  • Make sure each blog post is working to build your list with content upgrades
  • Content upgrade is a blog post specific bonus visitors must opt in to receive
  • Example: checklists, templates, video, etc.
  • It should be extra content that is directly related to your post.
  • Use your course tools and resource guide lead magnet in your post.
  • Link to your course tools and resource guide lead magnet in your blog post that relate to your course topic as your content upgrade.
  • Tools to create your content upgrades, Thrive Leads, OptinMonster, LeadPages Leadboxes or ConvertKit forms.
  • Add content upgrades to your 5 most popular blog posts to results now and going forward use content upgrades on all your blog posts.
  • You need to have all 4 of these steps set up on your site or you will waste traffic

Lead magnet, Landing page, Welcome mat and Content upgrades convert traffic into email subscribers.

How to get traffic to all of these things you set up on your site (30:58)

Step #5: Guest Posting to grow your list (31:11)

  • The right guest posts will have a higher ROI then blogging on your site when you’re just starting out.
  • Wrong way: add a link in the byline of your guest post, that doesn’t work.
  • Right way: create guest posts that intentionally links back to your content upgrades or landing page and give those readers a REASON to subscribe.
  • Case Study: Mariah got 539 subscribers in 30 days when to her landing page

1. Find a tutorial or how-to actionable post on a blog that you read + subscribed to.

2. Follow the how to post and document everything you do to measure your results.

  • You need to take before and after screenshots, numbers, measurements.
  • Example: how to lose 10 lbs with 7 day paleo checklist and you do itas case study to guest post on their blog.
3. Build the relationship with blogger/influencer
  • To do this you need to give by like, share and comment on their content.
  • Email your influencer and tell them about your results and how much they helped you with their blog post or product, course. 
  • You need to be specific with your results including numbers, image to show results and establish relationship with your influencer
  • Example: “I followed your advice and now I’m getting 400subscribers a day, up from 100, here is image of my stats, thank you”. 
  • Follow up with a reply soon after you have more results and tell them to let you know if they ever want to use you as a case study to share. 
4. When you share results and let them know you will be a case study
  • They will likely respond back wanting to feature you on their site and email list. 
  • Because it make them look good and this is how you get guest post.
  • Key is having the documented results (numbers, screenshots) to make it easy for that influencer to feature you as a case study. 
  • Example: “I followed your advice and now I’m getting 400subscribers a day, up from 100, here is image of my stats, thank you”. 
  • Follow up with a reply soon after you have more results and tell them to let you know if they ever want to use you as a case study to share. 
You will have accomplished something even if you don’t land a guest post so it’s not a waste of time.

Q&A Session with Mariah Coz (42:50)

Q: What is your take on having custom domain URL for your course?

Answer: Down the line you are going to wish you did it earlier. This way you can easily promote it and have it become your signature online course that is branded for that topic.

Q: What do you think about the case study strategy?

Answer: People don’t realize how big it is to be featured on someone’s site and course because it consistently drives a lot of targeted traffic to you. The key with having the numbers and screenshots is it makes it easy for the influencer to use you as a case study.

Q: What tool do you use to make the Welcome Mat?

Answer: Mariah uses SquareSpace and she recommends it because it’s more affordable than LeadPages and you can create cover pages as your welcome mat on your homepage or as your landing page.

Note from Navid: I don't recommend SquareSpace. It's much better to go with a self-hosted WordPress for your blog / website. You can learn how to start your blog and how to make money blogging here.

Q: What do you put in your button text to get them to click and download the lead magnet?

Answer: Get a result like Start your adventure, get healthy today. Whatever their desire is should be your call to action button text. Mariah's CTA is Start your course or Connect with your influencers.

Q: What tool do you use to create your lead magnet?

Answer: Mariah uses Pages which is a Mac app to create documents. You can use Canva or Photoshop. You make a link for your lead magnet in your guest post that will drive traffic to your landing page.

Q: Is it a lot of work to have multiple URL’s for your courses?

Answer: I would say no because you are only driving targeted traffic to these URL’s for that course. It’s not siphoning off your main website traffic.

Q: How do you get your new domain URL?

Answer: I use I like them. Google Namecheap coupon and you get a 10% off coupon to use.

Q: Can I create a welcome mat inside of OptinMonster? 

Answer: Yes you can certainly do that!

Q: What if your courses are related, should they be different domain URL?

Answer: Mariah suggests having a different domain URL for each course.

Q: What do you build your site on?

Answer: Mariah built her site with SquareSpace and she doesn't think there is anything missing from not using WordPress. She uses it for all the content like home page, blog page, sales page, landing pages but it doesn’t host my courses.

Q: Do you deliver the course on your custom URL?

Answer: Mariah uses Teachable online course platform to host, deliver her courses and for checkouts and I link to course on Teachable from my custom URL landing page. You can do the same with Thinkific course platform.

Q: What about people that don’t give out advice?

Answer: If you have entertainment site instead of a site that gives information I think it would be hard to get featured as a case study. Maybe if you can be entertaining to be featured on other people’s site.

Q: What is difference between welcome mat and landing page?

Answer: The welcome mat goes on your home page of your main site and the main difference is it has a second button option to see the rest of your website and take them to your blog page. The landing page is a custom URL just for your course and this URL is different than your main site.

Q: How do you decide if an interview or a presentation is better with an influencer?

Answer: Mariah loves interviews because she knows questions that would interest her audience.

Q: Do you use URL to share on social media to track people?

Answer: Mariah uses when she shares links on Periscope / FB Live or use for giveaway/contests.

Q: On your website you have a email course?

Answer: If you’re first starting out and don’t have something to sell just make your resources guide lead magnet. When you do have product to sell, you can use an email course as a lead magnet to funnel people to your paid course. Don’t try to start with email course until you have product because you will most likely have to do it over and do the work twice.

Q: You have different courses now, How do you manage it all?

Answer: Yes, we do everything in 2 week sprint system focusing on 1 thing at a time using SCRUM. I was going insane trying to do this myself until I hired a team. You can’t effectively do this as a Solopreneur. Now, I have a team of 7 people that are working with me to get tasks done for each sprint project.

Q: Where did you find people to hire your team?

Answer: All of them are previous students from my courses. Navid says the same. When you have fans in your business, they know your business and if I see someone in our course community who stand out to us and pick them to hire for a project that we need.

Action Steps From Mariah Coz's Masterclass Session
  1. Write down 5-10 tools or resources you use and can share. This can be books, software, equipment, supplies, actual tools, websites,
    podcasts. Just think about your industry.
  2. Make a PDF of your 5-10 Resources Guide as your lead magnet you give away when people opt in to your email list.
  3. Add content upgrades to your 5 most popular blog posts and use your resource guide lead magnet as your content upgrade on related blog posts.
  4. Create a landing page for your course on a new custom domain URL using SquareSpace, Thrive Architect (for WordPress) or ClickFunnels. Then create a welcome mat on your homepage to capture opt ins.
  5. Find a how to blog post to implement and document your results over time to share with that blogger/influencer as a case study to get featured with a guest post on their site.

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