The Fastest Way To Grow Your Audience, Influence & Revenue So You Can Get More Freedom In Your Business & Life

(even if you’re starting from scratch!)

Building and scaling a business is not easy — especially when you’re trying to figure out everything by yourself.

The one thing that can make all the difference in your success is a proven, detailed plan to take you from “frustrated” to “freedom.”

According to some estimates, 96 percent of small businesses fail within 10 years — and 80 percent fail within 18 months!

But I’d like to help you BE THE EXCEPTION.

Hi, I’m Navid Moazzez, lifestyle entrepreneur and (according to Huffington Post) the world’s leading expert when it comes to creating, promoting and profiting from summits.

I’ve spent my “10,000 hours” perfecting the Virtual Summit Mastery Method, a step-by-step system that has helped me and my students generate 100,000’s of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone (and the number is growing every day!).

Now, for the first time, I’ve put together my proprietary process into one epic 36-page PDF…


  • The “Big Picture” of why NOW is the best time to grow your audience, influence and revenue using the VSM Method (it goes way beyond list-building)…
  • How you can use the VSM Method to build a MASSIVE email list (even if you’re starting from scratch)
  • Ways to build instant expert status so your audience trusts you and can’t wait to buy from you again and again…
  • The little-known concept of “Summit Cycling”, and how it holds the key to building your business to six- or seven-figures (and beyond!)
  • How the VSM Method has helped me and my students generate 100,000’s of email subscribers and millions of dollars in revenue in the past 12 months alone
  • Your own, personal VSM Roadmap: HOW to get started depending on where you are in your business…
  • And more…

Overall I think this VSM Blueprint is some of the best content I’ve created so I’m excited to see what you do with it.

I’ll talk to you soon,

Navid Moazzez

P.S. I’ve had multiple people tell me I should be charging for this blueprint PDF, so I can’t promise it will always be free.

In short — If you’re reading this, then make sure to download your copy now.

“When Navid hits publish I get excited. I always implement at least one incredible action after reading, and remain excited to see the results.” – John Lee Dumas

“Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery System helped me earn $370k+ and 30,000 email subscribers in less than 2 months… it completely transformed our business to a multi million dollar online education company (the summit we did in 2016 was even bigger with almost 40,000 opt-ins!). It all started with Navid’s proven VSM method.. go grab the VSM Blueprint now!”Chandler Bolt

“Navid’s Virtual Summit Mastery course gave me all the details I needed to run a very successful first-time virtual summit. My Women’s Strength Summit got nearly 20,000 free registrations and 100’s of sales. More importantly, people commented on how valuable and professional the Summit was, and that’s directly because of everything I learned during VSM.”Steph Gaudreau