Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year | Read This Epic Review BEFORE You Sign Up!

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2020

Todd Herman's 90 Day Year program helped me 3x my business in 2016 and will continue to help me even more in 2017 (and beyond).

But what's all the buzz about? Can the 90 Day Year really help you create your BEST YEAR EVER?

In this epic review you'll learn what Todd Herman's 90 Day Year program is all about, both the good and the bad (although if you're willing to do the work, there are basically no bad things… more about that later).


Note: Before I promote anyone’s programs or courses,I have two strict standards they must meet:

I must absolutely trust in them as a person and a business owner.

I must have tested their material MYSELF and believe it’s the most valuable content on the topic available. And most importantly, I also got incredible results by IMPLEMENTING what they teach.

As a result, I promote very few people.

Honestly, there’s a lot of stuff out there that is just not very good. I’ve spent 1,000’s of hours building trust with my audience. Why would I throw that away just to make a quick buck on a course that won’t help you achieve your goals?

But when I agree to promote, I go ALL IN.

Which means… I’ve come up with some super-valuable bonuses to accompany Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year program.

These exclusive bonuses are not available separately, and may never be offered again…

So read on for the full epic review and description of the epic bonuses that you can’t find anywhere else.

Who is Todd Herman?

Even if you haven’t heard of Todd Herman, you’ve likely heard of some of his clients: Olympic athletes, billionaire entrepreneurs, professional sports teams… He has even coached Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He’s a superstar high-performance coach and venture capitalist who has developed one of the most powerful programs for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want to get out of their own way.

I know, because I’m one of them.

When I first came across Todd’s information in 2014, I was so impressed with not only the concepts… but the way he backs everything up with verifiable research conducted by one of the most respected research organizations in the world, ROI Institute.

And over the past few years, he’s upped his game even more!

Todd has now created a complete framework that thousands of business owners in dozens of fields have used to complete the big goals that are going to really transform their business and their life.

If you are an action-taker intent on doing whatever you need to do to achieve your goals, you will LOVE the 90 Day Year (90DY) program.

First watch the interview I did with Todd Herman below and learn more about the 90 Day Year program (you’re really going to like this!)

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Then read the rest of this post. And if you want to learn more about Todd’s unique approach to goal-setting, productivity, and business achievement, check out his free video training series. (You can also find out more about getting involved in the next 90 Day Year class… he only opens this once a year!)

And if you are wondering if the 90 Day Year is worth it… I hope this honest review answers any questions you have.

First off, a full disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Todd’s course and I will get a commission if you decide to purchase 90 Day Year through my affiliate link (if you use my link, you’ll receive the same price… it’s at no extra cost to you).

As I stated above, I only promote programs and business people I believe in 100%. In fact, I paid full-price for the 90 Day Year program (something very few affiliates can say!).

That means my status as an affiliate does not affect my recommendation in any way… In fact, it probably means I’m MORE critical because I’m putting my name behind my recommendation!

It also means that if you purchase through my link on this page, you’ll get access to my incredible 90 Day Year Bonus Experience which consists of several exclusive bonuses to help you make 2017 your best year ever. These bonuses are not available anywhere else.

So, with that being said, here’s my full review of Todd’s 90 Day Year program:

What Is The 90 Day Year?

It’s a proven framework for achieving business, team and personal goals that delivers results fast.

But it’s not about “goal-setting.”

It’s not “productivity training.”

It’s much, much more…

Basically, Todd Herman’s position is that most people are “doing” goals wrong.

The solution is to… well… I don’t want to give it away! Watch Todd’s first video here to see what he has to say.

What Can the 90 Day Year Do for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners?

The 90 Day Year is a proven formula and framework for helping you complete the big goals that are going to transform your business and your life.

With a methodology proven through successful use by THOUSANDS of business owners in DOZENS of industries (over 55 in all!), the 90 Day Year is a transformational program that will free you from overwhelm, help you focus on what matters most, and create MASSIVE progress in your personal and business life.

Who is The 90 Day Year For?

Todd is really clear that the 90 Day Year program is NOT for everyone…

If you’re looking for a “magic bullet” solution…

If you don’t want to dig deep and make some serious changes in your habits and routines…

If you aren’t committed to your business’s success…

…Then don’t even bother. You’ll just be disappointed when you find out you actually have to IMPLEMENT the system!

But if you’re a business owner seeking to:

Gain a sense of control and banish the feeling of overwhelm

Actually ACHIEVE your biggest goals

Shift your confidence & create daily momentum

Have the opportunity to impact more people

…Then you’re going to want to take a close look at the 90 Day Year program.

My Personal Results With Todd Herman's 90 Day Year Program

I first interviewed Todd for my Lifestyle Architects Podcast back in 2014. (You can see the interview, “How to Build a Champions Mindset and Change Your Life,” with Todd Herman here.)

I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and I immediately started unofficially implementing some of the principles we spoke about, particularly the idea of “planning tomorrow, today.”

In 2014, the year I produced my first virtual summit, the Branding Summit, my total income for the year was $27,000. (The year before it was just a few 100 dollars, so that was a huge accomplishment!)

Then, in 2015 I 7-8x'ed my business and hit $200K. This growth came from a few things, including doing more of what works (the virtual summit model) as well as adopting that idea of “planning tomorrow, today.” It made a huge difference!

I started 2016 by joining the 90 Day Year. I immediately picked up on the power of the program, and my mindset shifted big time. I began planning in 90-day chunks, and that focus brought huge results. As you can see from the graph, I went from $200K to over $600K in the past 12 months.


But the results don't stop there! I will be going through the course again in 2017 (hopefully with YOU). I'm going to be focusing on going deeper with the material, and implementing the processes and procedures I'll need to take my business to 7-figures and beyond. (I'm also asking my key team members to go through the training so they can level up as well!)

Questions About the 90 Day Year Program?

Read on for answers to some of your burning questions about Todd Herman's 90DY program:

What Kind Of Results Are Other 90 Day Year Students Getting?

Good question!

  • 50% of all students reported an increase in leads (only 8% of all people buying programs consume the training) “the 90 day year shatters the norm.”
  • 90% of students report growing as a leader
  • 90% said the 90 Day Year is highly relevant to being an entrepreneur

…and these results are validated by the independent organization, ROI Institute.


How Is The 90 Day Year Different From Other Programs?

The 90 Day Year gives you the strategies AND tactics to make lasting change in your business.

It is NOT hours upon hours of content.

It is NOT self-help mumbo-jumbo.

It is NOT untested theories that leave you stuck or unsure .

It IS a program that shows how to achieve more in 90 days than others experience in an entire year.

It IS a proven framework for achieving business, team and personal goals that delivers results fast.

As you can see from the statistics above, 90DY participants achieve results that far outpace those from similar courses (92% of people never even consume the information in the course they've signed up for!).

But beyond that, the 90 Day Year is a complete framework… you learn not just HOW to think, but HOW to act… and how to do it over and over and over again. Couple that with community accountability and support, and you have access to a program that can help you shift the trajectory of your business — and your entire life.

“After 3 months of running into walls and beating myself up over failing, the 90 Day Year came into my life. I shifted my focus, goals, and really looked at my feedback loops. After only two months of officially being open I've landed my first big contract and have two more in the works.”
~ Andy Joy

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

I Really Want To Grow My List And Reach More People. Can The 90 Day Year Help Me With This?

Within the program, YOU get to set the themes and priorities for your business. Whether it's growing your email list, developing a new product, or bringing in more clients, the 90DY provides the tools to set you up for success.

“My theme for my first 90 days was: Audience Building I wanted to grow my list to 20,000 (from 10K). I haven't quite gotten there yet, but upon reflecting, I've reached some other major milestones in my audience building theme: Grew my list by over 3000 over the last 60 days¸ Over 700 people signed up for my mindset mini course, Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Success Magazine and half a dozen industry podcasts¸ Enrolled over 150 new members in my membership program.”
~ Jenn Scalia

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

I’m Already Successful. Is The 90 Day Year Just For Beginners?

Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year is grounded in 18 years of experience working with 1000s of entrepreneurs in all kinds of businesses — coaches and consultants, pizza restaurants, auto repair, ecommerce, manufacturing, MLM, and more. Todd has used the same framework with Olympic and professional athletes, Fortune 100 execs, and billionaire entrepreneurs. While it works for “beginners,” it's equally applicable for business owners of any size!

“Before joining the 90 Day Year program, I was doing very well in my business, but I felt completely stuck. I was overwhelmed and couldn't take on any more work. I knew I needed to hire someone, but I couldn't afford to hire someone. The 90 Day Year program gave me the systems that helped me move to the next stage.

After applying the 90 Day Year to my business, I quadrupled my business revenue in six months. Because I've generated more revenue, I've been able to handle more projects and put more time & effort into systems for my own business which has contributed to the growth. It's also freed up a lot of time for me to go to networking events as well as spend quality time with family & friends.

Thought-provoking. Transformational. Genius.”

~ Megan Harrison

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

Is The 90 Day Year Just A Business Program, Or Will It Help Me In My Life?

The concepts and tools you are introduced to in the 90 Day Year are applicable for ANY goal or objective — personal or professional. Fitness, stress management, personal goals… you'll be on your way.

“Small win, but a win nonetheless… down another 3 lbs. this week (11 total in a month – including holiday cheating). 15 more to go before wedding in March. Bulking up has never been a problem, but getting rid of the Italian-DNA-controlled bit of belly fat has always been my nemesis. Also blocking and tackling to finish my SPI-related tasks is working. I'm far from firing on all cylinders in my opinion, but I'm making progress – particularly when building my new business around a day job, performing gigs, and a newborn. I. Will. Win. Thanks to all of you for your inspiring posts… and, as always, especially you, Todd.”
~ Mike Mathews

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

Is The 90 Day Year A Complicated System That Will Overwhelm Me?


In fact, Todd is a great believer in simplicity. He says he views his role as a coach more about telling people what NOT to do than telling them all the new things to add to their to-do list.

He has spent almost TWO DECADES perfecting this program and its frameworks, to the point where the 90 Day Year includes only what’s absolutely essential.

(Just so we’re clear, there’s still hard work involved in implementing the 90 Day Year… but if I told you that you could get something without working for it, you wouldn’t believe me anyway!)

One of Todd’s mottos is to TRUST THE SYSTEM. The real “hard work” is in figuring out the process; all you have to do is IMPLEMENT.

By following the framework and examples Todd shares in his video series and the 90 Day Year program, you’ll have everything you need to implement the program and achieve unimagined levels of success.

“…I've taken several courses and I like Todd's approach best so far. Not too heavy handed but firm and his creativity and simplicity with explaining what I feel are tough concepts…I've gotten through the overwhelm and so appreciated his sensitivity & economy of words… I'm impressed with the way the groups is being handled and guided through the steps…”

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

Is This All Just A Bunch Of Ideas Or Will The 90 Day Year Teach Me How To Take Action And Make Things Happen?

As I've mentioned several times, do NOT join the 90DY program unless you are prepared to ACT. The program is NOT a good fit if you are a “learner” rather than a “do-er.” You'll learn plenty of powerful lessons and have the strategies and tools at your fingertips, but you HAVE to IMPLEMENT to get results… The good news is, Todd prepares you to take action.

Get ready to HUSTLE!

“I have gotten so much clarity about how to be productive and get things done in my business. Hiring my first part-time VA was a huge step for me and recognizing how much time I spent on doing things that someone else could easily be paid to do. I definitely see this program as LIFE CHANGING/BUSINESS CHANGING and will never look at my business the same again.”
~ Bonnie Williams

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

Money Is Tight. Is The 90 Day Year Really Worth The Investment?

At this time of year, there are many opportunities to spend money. Every day it seems like a new “don't miss” program lands in your in box!

When my clients and students ask me if something is worth the money, I always ask:

Is this an EXPENSE (something that will cost you money because it looks cool but isn't proven to work, or you won't be able to use it right now), or an INVESTMENT (something that will MAKE you money)?

In my experience, the 90 Day Year was an investment that is still paying off today. Not only has it saved me money (by making me more productive), it's also made me money (by making me more effective).

“I signed up with the payment plan because I felt confident that I would learn enough in this program to at least cover the cost. Well, it's not official yet… but I got a message today from a potential corporate yoga client. I had talked to this contact before and they are now submitting a proposal to HR for the classes to go ahead. If the proposal is approved (which I suspect it will be -)), then I will make enough with 1 weekly class each month to pay for this course. And the 3 other weeks are money in my pocket. YEAH!!”
~ Carrie Sutton

“Just secured a 6-figure contract for a 9-month consulting contract. This is a direct result of taking action based on knowledge I gained in this program. In addition, I am building a successful online program that I will be launching March 1st 2016. Thanks Todd and thanks Amy for introducing me to him! Feeling grateful.”
~ Silvia Isachsen

“In the first 6 weeks of this year I did my best launch to date in my business. I did $250k of sales – and all amidst a very chaotic time. While everything that could go wrong, was going wrong behind the scenes, I credit the 90day year for my plan of attack to stay super focused on what mattered to get results.”
~ Amanda Daley

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

What If I Don't Feel Confident I Can Make It Happen?

When you read the 90 Day Year success stories of people who have achieved some serious goals as a result of the program, you might start to feel a little intimidated. Will it work for you, too, or do you have to be a rock star to begin with?

Don't worry!

Todd meets you where you are — just starting out and scared, or nearing the top of your game. In fact, after coaching world-class athletes and billionaires, he intentionally began offering this program to smaller entrepreneurs because he could see what a huge impact the material would have on their lives.

“I spoke about confidence the other night in front of 20 entrepreneurs. It was so Amazing. And it's funny because a year ago I would have never done it. I wouldn't have felt like an expert. So much has changed over the past year let alone 60 days. I am incredibly grateful for my journey and the experience that has gotten me to where I am today.”
~ Brigid Ward

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

Will The 90 Day Year Really Help Me Turn My Dream Business Into A Reality?

If you're willing to move outside your comfort zone and apply the lessons, the answer is YES! The 90 Day Year works for those with a burning passion but no existing business. In fact, Todd will walk you across the  that gap between “dream” and “reality.” And you'll have an incredible supportive community to provide encouragement and accountability, too.

“I just finished my launch webinar. First webinar ever. I had 217 people register. I had 67 people attend live. and Code Switch Media made its first sale!!! I did everything, from start to finish in 10 days. In the midst of severe family issues with my 15 year old daughter. And still working my other job. HOW? I promise that I would never have been able to put something like this together in this short of a timeframe without the 90 Day year framework.”
~ Mellanie Marriott Lopez

Find out more about what the 90 Day Year can do for you and your business here.

Want to see even more proof from successful 90 Day Year students and graduates? Then, take a look at this page! (don't worry that most of the success stories on this page are women, Todd Herman's The 90 Day Year program works for both men and women  all over the world – many of the earlier success stories just happen to be women). 

I also have an amazing bonus package that will make your 90 Day Year experience even more epic when you join via my affiliate link (see more details about the bonuses at the end of this post).

What Will I Get When I Join The 90 Day Year Program?

The 90 Day Year is a complete program that takes you from “overwhelmed” to “laser focused.”

Todd Herman has spent years developing and perfecting the most complete, proven method for helping you complete the big goals that are going to transform your business and your life.

The program kicks off as soon as you register (but the live coaching component starts from January 2nd, 2017).


When you join, you’ll immediately have access to two of the seven training modules, with more coming out on a regular schedule.

  • Lifetime access to seven training modules, including playbooks, worksheets, and templates
  • 8 live mastery coaching sessions
  • Access to private 90 Day Year Facebook community
  • Accountability partner program where Todd’s team hand-matches you with your ideal accountability partner (optional)
  • One year’s access to Todd’s proprietary 90 Day Year Accelerator Software & App
  • 10 action classes with experts in everything from Facebook ads to viral content
  • Complimentary ticket to our life 90 Day Year event in to be held in Las Vegas in 2017 (only when you pay in full – I will be there too!)

All the details are here:

===> Yes, I want IN for the 90 Day Year Training Program

And just in case you join and find this isn’t the right fit for you, you’re covered by Todd Herman’s “Triple Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Todd is the ultimate professional. He wants you to be totally satisfied with everything you purchase from him — and that includes the 90 Day Year.

You have nothing to lose. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can check out the course materials, take them for a test-drive, and make sure it’s what you expected.

If it’s not right for you, you have 30 days to request a full refund… no questions asked!

But I want to make the decision even easier for you…

My Exclusive 90 Day Year Bonus Experience ($1,000 Value)

Even with Todd’s amazing content, you might have some questions or need some additional support.

As I mentioned, I stand 100% this program. And that’s why I’ve pulled together these exclusive bonuses when you register for the 90 Day Year through my affiliate link.

Together, these bonuses are valued at least $1,000.


The first 10 people who register for the 90 Day Year program through this page and pay in full will receive a hot seat group “Strategy Session” with me.

Right now, I only work in this capacity with my Virtual Summit Mastery students, so this is a rare opportunity to get my undivided attention on YOUR biggest questions and business challenges!

  • We can dive deep into:
  • How to define your unique brand
  • The best ways to build your email list
  • The process for turning subscribers into buyers
  • Scaling your business from five to six figures (and beyond!)
  • Creating multiple revenue streams
  • My proven process for connecting with influencers
  • Ways a virtual summit can benefit your business
  • …and more!

FIRST 10 ONLY who pay in full for 90 Day Year!

Bonus #1: 90 Day Year Implementation Mastermind Experience LIVE with Navid Moazzez

Pay in full for your 90 Day Year program, and you’ll be invited to join me for a very special 90 Day Year Implementation Experience in 2017, immediately after the 90 Day Year Live event in San Diego, April 17-19.

Leverage my 1,000s of hours in online business and marketing to learn how to get even more from the materials in the 90 Day Year. We'll fine-tune your business plan, brainstorm launches, or work on your brand and vision for your business.

So many people attend conferences and seminars, take tons of notes, then forget everything they learned!

Use this opportunity to take all your new knowledge from the 90 Day Year Live event and actually APPLY it.

Bonus #2: 90 Day Year 80/20 Implementation Masterclass

I've been through the training, implemented it with amazing success, and know how to make the complex, simple.

Now, I want to give you EVERYTHING you need to replicate my success with the 90 Day Year, so I'm going to host a 2-hour special training for you to:

  • Show you the 20% of the program that will make the BIGGEST difference (if you're swamped and busy but still want to get started RIGHT AWAY.)
  • Give you a live birds-eye view of the entire 90 Day Year members area so you know what’s there and where to find what you need, FAST.
  • Show you what to implement at your stage of business so you're not overwhelmed by trying to “do it all…”
  • Open up microphone to give you specific feedback on your ideas, challenges, and business objectives so you can move into 2017 with 100% confident in your plan.

As you know, I’m a huge believer in taking action BEFORE you feel ready. I know if you wait for “the right time” to implement this material, you may be waiting forever.

Todd’s program is a goldmine, just waiting for you to tap into. But it won’t work… if you don’t use it!

Bonus #3: 4 Private Master Group Coaching Sessions

Research has shown that ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT are two of the biggest factors to successful, lasting change.

With the 90 Day Year program you get 4 live Master Group Coaching sessions over the course of 90 days: They will take place every other week from February  2017, so you'll get 2 months of group coaching with me.

Get an ADDITIONAL four Master Sessions in a small group setting, led by me. These four calls will take place during the “off” weeks in Months 2 and 3. You’ll have the opportunity to get the one-on-one feedback, support and information you need.

Getting ready to launch a product or course? Want to know how to apply the 90 Day Year framework to your virtual summit launch? Get specific recommendations, advice and direction from me, directly.

(Of course, these sessions will be recorded and made available for you.)

Bonus #4: 5-Day Laser Sprint Challenge

You’ve heard me say it over and over again (even on this page!)…

You have to ACT to get results!

That’s why I’m including a 5-Day Laser Sprint Challenge.

One of the key elements of the 90 Day Year program is the “sprint” methodology, where you take massive action for a concentrated period of time — and achieve massive results!

I’ll lead you through a five-day Laser Sprint Challenge to create powerful momentum to motivate you during the rest of your 90 days.

During this period, you’ll receive DAILY activity assignments from me. These five daily assignments will springboard you forward to implementation of the 90 Day Year framework.

This Challenge will blast through the typical productivity-stealers like hesitation, overthinking, and perfectionism.

There will be NO:

  • “I’m not sure what to do…”
  • “Where do I start?”
  • “Maybe I’ll start tomorrow/next week/next month.”

When you sign up for the 90 Day Year through this page, you WILL get results. Period.

I want you to ACT and ACHIEVE. And the top performers act, even before they’re totally ready… which is why I’m creating this 5-Day Laser Sprint Challenge with specific activities designed to move you forward, FAST.

Bonus #5: Six-Figure VSM Launch Debrief – Behind The Scenes

Join my team and me to hear EXACTLY how I went from creating my first five-figure launch to doing multiple six-figure launches in a single year!

Whether you’re launching a product, course, or summit of your own, I want 2017 to break all your business goals!

To help you, I’ve decided to give you unprecedented access to my personal team together on a special live Q&A call.

We’ll answer all your questions on the elements that make up a successful launch. No question is too big — or too small!

The bonuses will be delivered after Todd’s refund period is over for the 90 Day Year. Just make sure you send me an email with your receipt and order confirmation after you purchase the 90 Day Year, then I’ll put your name on a list/tag in my email service provider to make sure you get notified when the bonuses are available.

I hope to see you inside Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year program. It’s had an incredible impact on my business, and I know it can help you, too.

Register now or at least before Thursday, December 15th 2016 if you'd like to get my exclusive bonus experience as well. Then you won't be able to join the 90 Day Year until later in 2017.

Check out Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year NOW!

If you have any questions about Todd's 90 Day Year program and/or any of my exclusive bonuses, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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